Blue Jay Salon POS Software



Save time. Boost profits.

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Blue Jay Salon POS Software Features


Build customer loyalty and increase your profits

- Mass Text Messaging & E-Mail Marketing

- Set appointments and send out automatic text reminders

- Reward your best customers with a loyalty program

- Easy to use, no-fee gift card program

- Automatic caller ID shows service history


Save time and reduce losses at your salon
- Secure Payment Integration EMV Ready

- Servers tip tracking and commission splitting

- Multi-station networking

- Group Services

- Live online sales reports

- Automate technician service turns


Optional Features

- Customer sign-in tablets for self-checkin

- Run your salon from anywhere with mobile sales reports and appointments.

- USB barcode scanner for products retail and easy gift card transactions

- Plastic giftcard with individualized store name and gift card envelopes


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Total Package Price: $2,388

Free Shpping in US except Hawaii and Alaska

One year equipment warranty

60 days Free Technical Support
(Free Support after 60 days with a Blue Jay Payment Systems merchant account)

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